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Oil Massages And A Private Beach At This Retreat On A Hidden Island In Kerala!

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Hidden Gem


If you’re thinking of getting away from the city during a long weekend, look no further than V - Retreat. A private beach, hot oil massages, delicious local fare and cycling visits to nearby temples is what lays ahead of you!

What Makes It Awesome

Hidden in the heart of Valiyaparamba, this adorable homestay gets its name from the island it sits on. Located on a 28 km stretch, one end of the island is home to the Naval base academy while the other side is where the river meets the sea. Situated on half an acre of precious land, V - Retreat is home to seven gorgeous rooms. Three are connected by a common balcony (which are great for big families) while four are completely private rooms with individual balconies (for couples who want to snuggle). We love that their rooms overlook the beach! While the main entrance opens up to Kerala’s iconic backwaters, the back entrance invites you to a private beach.

Pamper yourself with a massage from the ayurvedic centre close by or drown yourself in books at their library for some alone time. Use their cycles to breathe in all that fresh air and to tour around the local temples! John Thomas, the owner also lends his fishing equipment in case you want a fresh meen curry for dinner. The best part is the dining hall on the first floor - enjoy your breakfast with sun dawn and dinner with the company of a mesmerizing sunset.

The tariff for rooms ranges between INR 3,000 to INR 4,500 (which includes breakfast for two). To enquire about the availability of dates or to introduce yourself to the peppy owner, call John Thomas.


We suggest visiting during the months of November to April since the folk festivals are on then. The Theyyam festival is a grand dance festival that takes over the ambience of local temples. We’ve been told it’s a treat to the senses!



Valiyaparamba Retreat



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