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Are the rooms air-conditioned?
Yes, all the three rooms are now air conditioned for a cozy stay.
Is the place safe & secure?
It is secure and the homestay  has a high compound around the property.
The rooms have a safe locker in each room.The property is also under camera surveillance in common areas.
Are mobiles reachable / do the network work?
Network is good for most service providers all across, there are a few places in the Retreat where you may not get network coverage well.

Is it safe to swim in the backwaters?

To a professional swimmer it is, otherwise it is always advisable to swim with a life jacket on.


How about a swim at the beach?
You can probably wet your feet and play along the shore but it isn't safe as the water is deep and inclined. However, you can go for a swim at the Valiyaparamba beach under supervision and in presence of lifeguards around.

they stayed, they said...


"Great Place !!, Great Food!!! Great Folk !! What more do we need !!!! Thank You"

Jon and June, UK


"Wonderful Place and beautiful beach"

Volker and Misaki, Germany


"Great Hospitality!,Great Location!, Great Sunrise and Sunset!, Great Food !, What Else??? Thanks a lot"

Marco Marta, Italy


"Rough sea and Placid backwaters!!!! Loved the setting!!!Rejuvenating!!! Thanks to the friendly staff."

Aparna, Mumbai


"We missed this place so much that we came back after 2 months!!!! Thank you John, Ajith and Team so much!!It was you who made our stay incredible!!!!"

Mareike and Manfred, Hamburg ,Germany


"Fantabulous!!!! Amazing Visit, Soulspace. No better place than Vretreat. Thank you Jerry."

Cecil Joseph, Bangalore


"We loved this wonderful place very much!!! Thanks a lot to Ajit and the wonderful cook!!!"

Thomas and Maria, Switzerland


"From Regensburg(Bavaria) we were here from 25th Jan to 28th Jan.We enjoyed our stay so much and used the days for relaxing after and before our trips round busy India."

Ulrich and Vanino, Bavaria


"Home is where your family is with your family this place is not just home but a paradise!!!"

Bipin Kunnatha, Ireland. Joseph Pothen USA


"Our second visit here. The first was in 2012.Much has changed but the beach and river is the same. Thank you John & Shirley and the friendly staff!!"

Pirjo and Jorma, Finland


"From Sunset to Sunrise,the magic was ours to treasure forever.The crashing waves and Phosphorescent waters for our memorable stay. A million Thanks."

Rahul & Family. Kannur


"One of the most divine places to spend the fist days of a new decade.Thank you Ajith, Sunil and team for your hospitality, kindness and attention to detail."

Juna & Jonas, Germany.

26/12/19 to 04/01/2020

"With so many superlatives, we could fill this wall ,the place, the people, the food we’ve loved them all. A perfect beach party to round it off. May 2020 bring blessings to one and all!!!"

Sophia & Gary, London

29/12/19 to 02/01/2020

"A beautiful beginning to a new decade.Wish I could make this my home."

Niharika, Mysore.


"Need the Magic of VR to carry forward through the year. Thank You!!!!"

Ancha, Bangalore


"You don’t need 2020 vision to realise VR is paradise incarnate.Thank you for the best end and start to a decade ever!!!!"

Solly, USA.


"Throughly enjoyed the warm hospitality and friendly and helpful people.Loved our stay. We will be back for more for sure!!!!"

Ram and Suki, Chennai


"Too Good"

Sunil and Liby. Mumbai


"SERENE!! Everything thoughtthru and right.Polite staff.Awesome hospitality right from booking."

Paavani & Shiva. Bangalore


"You have extended your warmth and Hospitality from your home to your homestay. Loved the private beach and backwaters. A slice of paradise where time stand still!!!"

Jim,Sharmila and Prathana.


"Nice location. Very peaceful and calming."

Manasvi,Mayusi,Lakshmi, Vishal. Mumbai


"Thank you for an amazing experience. Thank You Ajith."

Family Hamm. Deutschland


"Loved our stay here. The beach was amazing, food was spectacular and the hosts were very warm and welcoming. Would love to come back again some time. "

Arjun Family, Singapore


"I loved the place a lot.The food was very nice.I had fun on the beach and backwaters.Ajit and team is really great hosts.Morning cycling was awesome."

Arnav,Kishori and Sunil Khokarale, Pune


"Loved the place and the hospitality from booking to the stay, everything was just amazing!!!.Going to tell all my friends about this place. We will miss it."

Pais and Anto Family. Mangalore


"Sunrise at the backwaters, Sunset at the beach. Sailing through serene waters"

Liptjo & Nicy. Lyra, Lyora & Nirmal, Bangalore


"A wonderful place to recharge oneself.Amazing beach,calm waters and delicious food."

Abishek and Lincy: Rebecca and Rachel. Bangalore


"Everything perfect, the team, the sea, the backwaters, the birds, the food, the insights in Keralite traditional ways!!! Wonderful Time."

Pablo, France


"Its easy to loose time in a place as peaceful and beautiful as this. Thank you for such kind attention.!!"

Aarthi and Pablo, Brussels, Belgium


"Had a wonderful time from Sunrise to Sunset and everything in between. Thanks to John and his crew especially to Mr.Ajith of many talents. Thanks a lot to Ajith and Gowri for the lovely hospitality. Enjoyed the quite place.We loved the beauty and Peace here Excellent food and hospitality. Thank You."

P. Rao, Raja Rao, Oregon, USA. Shyla Rao, Manipal, Karnataka.


"A small piece of paradise with great hospitality!! You made us love India even more. Keep on doing it like this."

Nick & Jane, Germany


"Superb service and Management. Excellent place to stay. Sure will visit again."

Sanket, Mumbai


"Thank you for a wonderful time. We warmly hope that we will be back again."

Manfred,Hamburg .Germany


"Loved the tranquility!!! Truly, once is not enough."

Bora/Deb Family. Bangalore


"Awesome Place, experience of a lifetime with beach and Back waters. Extraordinary food with warm hospitality.Peaceful and a serene world indeed!!!!"

Dr David, Gulab,Sandeep and Sajan. Bangalore


"Thanks for your wonderful hospitality. Lovely time and great fun we had. SMS Class of 1986."

Chitra, Lakshmi, Chandrika, Murali, Ramachandran, Vinayan, Roy, Kumar, Madhu Mathen.

Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Ernakulam, Ooty


"Nice Place. Had a good time."

Nassrollah, UK.


"MEMORABLE!!!! The ambience,the food, the hospitality,the sunrise,the dip in the ocean, the sunset,the boatride,the fort trip.Love the place.Want to come back again, So EXHILARATING !!!!"

Lata,Nishi,Liza,Laila, Suji, Celia, Susan, Reeja, Sunita, Prema, Saira, Suja. Prayer Group, Bangalore


"Such unimaginable beauty in the midst of the varied waters and untampered nature.We just loved it!!!."

MPG Tours


"Good location +Great Hospitality= Awesome experience. Thank You."

Arnab Das, Kolkata


"Vretreat was indeed a great getaway for our busy lives."

Bangalore Pramod ,Bangalore


"A++++ to this place. Awesome food, Amazing hospitality, Alluring Views"

Reena. Bangalore


"Superb experience.Excellent locale, very warm and friendly staff.Thanks."

Ashish,Meghna Aarar,Aanya. Hyderabad


"Best Stay,very nice food,people and surroundings.Will surely come back again."

Navyaa, Tarun, Jayshree and Bala. Bangalore


"Remarkable  and visible  makeover by John and Team. It was like home coming for me after trying nearby resort during makeover. John and team are purely honest and 100% dependable in such a secluded place where help is needed anytime.. All the best and see you again."

Kapil Thara, New Delhi


"Out of the world experience. Sea breeze, Scenic waters, Pure Air and Great Food. Warmed by the staff hospitality."

G7, Bangalore


"Amazing place and great hospitality. Staff were very nice! They took care of everything. Loved the crab dish Yum!! Thank you for a beautiful and serene vacation."

Devayas, Bangalore


"Great grand stay. Satish Kumar took care nicely.Excellent Hospitality. Lovely location. Thank you all."

Col. Devaya, Bangalore


"Sun rises in the backwaters and sets in the beach. 

Books-Night with the waves 

Breeze with its salty touch 

Tea Time talks-Sand Castles 

Tree house views and loads of pictures. 

Going back filled full of life,pure happiness and A hell lot of memories.

Thank you for this amazing getaway from reality."

Ravendran and Family, Pondicherry, Singapore, Kanjagad


"Way of life retreated at VR."

Mallaya, Bangalore


"Between the deep sea and the backwaters, what do I choose?? VRETREAT Come Ye Come  All, Let your body ,mind and soul find its source!!!! Thanks a ton Shirley for this Amazing Holiday. Lots of love.​"

Niveditha, Chennai


"Thank you Vretreat for a truly mesmerising stay.Hope to visit soon."

From the Deshpande family, Pune, Nagpur, Chennai


"Quite words on a dark beach. Savour the moment. Sunshine brings fish curry and sambhar rice and days and days to come."

Cohen Margot. USA


"Dear Vretreat. I come back after a year. Vretreat looks greener and happier, The waves dance a merry time.The quite river, the roar of the seas and a full moon.What can one ask for??"



"Count #2. My second visit. Great Place.Great Staff. Homely Food. I will come back for Count # 3 soon!!!"

Prajwal and Friends, Mysore


"Serene.Blissful!! Very nice stay.Good People taking care and making you experience the God’s Own Country in a true sense."

Smita.Sanjukta,Arjun, Bangalore


"We loved this place.Nice and beautiful scenery out there,"

Nishanth P, Prabhakar and VanithaPrabhakar, Mysore


"Perfect place for a Thalassophile- a sea lover."

Thanusha,Nandika,Nalini and Jagadisha, Bangalore


"Tre’s agreeable et paisible sgour .Super accucil Bravo!!!"

Rouch Robert /Moniqive Dulis, France


"Floating in the backwaters. Nothing like it!!"

United Kingdom


"We had only a short visit but a very enjoyable one. The theyyam festival was fabulous!! Thank you for making us so welcome and so comfortable"

Barbara and Owen Benteley-Hill,Kent ,England


"Thank You Vretreat!! For such a treat, it was a treat on all senses. The starlit night skies on the private beach and the warm days spent on the backwaters. The breezy sea air, the wholesome Kerala sea food (just pure magic).The staff went above and beyond their duties to make our stay absolutely wonderful.And that’s a reflection on the most gracious warm hearted hosts. Thank you for the brilliant experience at V retreat. We are coming back for more, more for this paradise on Earth.. Love and Best Wishes."

Nelli & Clem, Bangalore


"Had a relaxing and peaceful time and it was grand with the family get together. Great Food and Great Fun!!!."

Rony and Susan, Bangalore


"A serene and beautiful place ."

Vinod Kumar,Bangalore


"A place to come and find your soul."

Murali, Bangalore


"In between the Sea and Backwaters a beautiful place."

Chris, Bangalore


"Loved the whole experience of Vretreat. Enjoyed the beautiful scenic view and great company."

Anita John Ninan, Bangalore


"A little piece of heaven on earth. The best private beach I have been to."

Xavy and Shiny. Trivandrum


"Thank you for a wonderful stay!!! Each moment spent here was perfect. The staff made our experience one of a kind with attention to detail."

Love From NIDA & NASIR, Calicut


"Vretreat-offering you the best of Kerala-backwaters and serene beach. Lovely place and a multitude of colours and flavours."

Tanu, Trivandrum


"Retreat from busyness of life in Vretreat. A piece of paradise gave us peace of mind. Great place to be."

Venu and Sojaa. Trivandrum


"Had a wonderful time .Excellent Food, great stay. Going back with warm memories."

Roy and Bindhu, Ernakulam


"A lovely Retreat. We will be back."

Ancy & Ignatius, Ernakulam


"Heaven on Earth. Delicious Food, Courteous staff like Nazir. May this heaven bring many more nature loving soul. A paradise in the real sense. All the very best Vretreat!!!"

Unni, Bangalore


"Stoked to have found this quiet oasis in such a unique spot. Bit of a change to the India we’re used to.Lovely stay with excellent staff and delicious food!!"

Mom & Son ,Belgium


"Thank you a million times over for your hospitality. You deserve so much more than just a Thank you. Great food and a beautiful beach.No words to express the happiness of the stay.Special thanks to Nassir and Vijayan and staff."

Preethis,Ramya,Aditya, Bangalore


"Amazing Place!!! Amazing Hosts!!!"
Thank you so much Nazir,Vijayan and staff.

Richard, Francoise & Julie. The Belgians


"A unique place sandwiched by the ocean and backwaters. Every moment is precious here!!!!"

Shany & Antony,
Tranzell Traveller,Bangalore


"Great Food and a beautiful beach.A relaxing escape from the bustle of the cities."

Stacey & Claire. Michigan, USA


"Heaven on Earth. Delicious homemade food. Nice service by staff. Love to come once again."

Sudha H.S, Davangere


"A Visual treat. You are the only person standing on a small stretch of land between scenic backwaters and awesome beach where extras include canoeing, ferry rides,fishing, bathing in the waves, biking on the lonely roads and the uncomplainable experience of mother nature,,,,,, Simply Speechless !!! "

Jayshree, Satya, Garima, Pratibha, Pritam, Bangalore


"We came for  one night but stayed for 4 nights. Loved every moment. Thank you."

Jo and Todd Towne, USA ,United Kingdom


"Between the peaceful backwaters and the Valiyaparamba, I found my soul !!!!! Impeccable hospitality. God bless."

Sharmi Jayachandran & Anagha Bhandekar, Mumbai


"People of the village don’t want this place to look like Goa.They are right. Hope they will succeed in preserving this magical place where Hindus and Muslims live in peace. To Gauri forever."

Odile, Paris , France


"A hidden Gem, the calming sound of waves to backwater. Sunrise to sunset,I bet VRETREAT is everyone’s TREAT."

Suneel,Manu, Sandy, Bangalore


"Awesome time on an awesome piece of Heaven in God’s own country,,,,My own country"

Shanath, Bangalore


"A little piece of Paradise!!!A perfect place to see in the New Year. Thanks Vretreat!!"

Sophie and Toby, Canterbury, UK


"Super Find!!! Magical Paradise"

G.Y.P.S.A Bangalore


"Wonderful place to relax.Great Location.Friendly service.Will miss this place!!!"

Niyati, Baroda


"Our baby's first trip and you people made it awesome."

Dileep & Preetha, Cochin.


"V-TREAT-VISUAL TREAT. Beach & Bay-Witnessed our way Heaven on Earth-Just our Room Beneath God's Own Country-God bless the Team"

Team Travellers, Chennai


"If there is a heaven on earth; it is here, it is here. Great place and great food."

Jaipal, Princeton, NJ, USA


"Beautiful Place. Thank you for being a generous hosts. Kashmiri food was fantastic- sunset-sunrise-yoga at dawn----- this place nourishes the soul."

Gill & Mike, Yorkshire, UK


"Welcome to the Dark side of the Moon."

Adi, Bangalore


"Paradise on Earth.One of the best holidays.Loved the scenic beauty and hospitality."

George and Beena, Bangalore


"Paradise found!! Thank you to the Vretreat staff for a wonderful and peaceful stay!!"

Lonnie +Robyn, Toronto,Canada.


"A wonderful location to stay and the place is so calm and refreshing location to stay.  And V retreat homestay for our friends and relativesI will recommend this location. The service is very good."

Imran, Trichy


"Absolute Heaven.Cannot have a better location.It is a complete bliss with the roaring sea at one end and the calmness of the backwaters on the other side.Great food  and excellent hospitality.Keep it up!!!"

Ashis and Family, Bangalor


"We came, we saw, and the place conquered us. Delightful stay"

Sabita & Micayla,London, England


"Thank you for the lovely stay. I’ll miss the sea. Wish Dad and Zachy were here to enjoy it too."

Love Micayla, Age 11 yrs, London ,England.


"AWESOME!!! A tryst with nature."



"A wonderful location with pristine sea and backwaters embracing on either side. Neatly kept resort and tastefully done up. Vijayan and Rohit provided a  very friendly service. The cooking staff provided wonderful tasty menu as per  our requirement. I would be recommending  this place to my friend and relatives."

Rear Admiral K Mohanan,Kannur


"I had a very nice stay at V retreat. The place is very peaceful and quiet. The staff is amazingly helpful and kind. Loved the food, the canoeing and the sound of Nature. Looking forward to coming back. Thank You."



"A unique place sandwiched by the ocean and backwaters. Every moment is precious here!!!!"

Thanks a lot.


"A home away from home. The staff are extremely courteous. Awesome food ranging from Fish, Crabs, vegetarian cuisine cooked in traditional Kerala style.  One of the few places blessed with pristine beach and backwaters on either side. An ideal place for family and friends. 5 Star rating. Looking forward to our next trip soon. A must have on ‘bucket list’. Glad that we are one of the privileged to this magnificent place."

Prashanth Joseph,Bangalore


"A very pleasant stay in very natural and beautiful surroundings. Tasty food, peaceful & scenic place to stay. The service of Rahul and Vijayan excellent. This place was like finding a pearl hidden in a shell. Recommended to friends. The beaches were clean, overall enjoyed our stay. Highly recommended for peaceful homely stay"

Mylai Prabhakaran, Chennai


"VRETREAT a great Treat."

Raj D,Bangalore


"Paradise on Earth can be found in the pages of a book, in the arms of a woman and in V Retreat. Thank you for a wonderful time, excellent food and the very homely staff.Wil definitely make it back again"

Krishnan & Asha(Delhi)
Tom & Jega(Trivandrum)


"A very fantastic place and lovely place to spend holiday with family.The guys are very simple and cooperative though not professional trained. Beach, Crabs, Backwaters, Canoing, Sunrise, Sunset , Local Food, not expensive, Walk around in Nature, cycling,,.Enjoyable Stay."

Kapil Thara, Delhi


"This is a place of Power."

Akash Naidu,Bangalore


"Thank you for giving us a piece of Paradise. The trip of all Trips. We will be back."

Ani Naidu,Bangalore


"Quiet, simple, down to earth homestay. Home cooked food, warm gracious caretakers. Backwaters in front of the homestay. The ocean is behind the homestay. Sunrise and sunset clearly visible for the ultimate experience. The only sounds you hear are of the waves lapping against the shore, birds and more birds. What’s not to love about this perfect place."

Snehalatha Naidu,Bangalore


"Peaceful and relaxed place with good food. Thank you for a nice stay !Hugs from Linn & Ben from"

Sweden & France


"Fantastic!!! Most wonderful place I have been in this part of the world. Incredible location ! Great hospitality. In short-Most undervalued resort in the world !! "

Lee & Dee,Bangalore


"Thank you Vretreat for the marvelous 3 day stay that we’ve enjoyed every moment, from the great staff and sumptuous food to the unique sight of the ocean and the backwaters. – It was Paradise all around."

Thambi & Sarasu, Houston, Texas – USA


"A real life paradise on Earth ! We have enjoyed the peace, quiet, sunsets and crashing waves of this magical place. Thank you !."

Lennel & Jainf, London,UK.


"Merci, Thank You for this beautiful place of calm and peace between backwaters and Ocean. Deserted beach….Thanks for the bikes, for all the information. We will have to come back."

BABASTRIP Ben – Marie Anne,
Lucs – Marin, France

“A tout a l heaure”


"We had a lovely stay here at Valiyaparamba. Will definitely make it back. Mr. Vijayan and his team ensured us that we were very comfortable. The food was just amazing."

Reena and Family, Bangalore


The sea is calling, so is the river 
Admit the tress and all the glimmer
A walk beneath the starlit skies,
In the company of crabs and fireflies
A place scenic it makes me wonder,
This retreat beckons all thoughts to surrender

Anish and company
  From Bangalore with love


"A good place for a break out of the time, far horn sound, Just birds, ocean…Chidren spent time playing in the waves, looking for crabs on the beach"

Thanks you
  Julie Vincent
  Abeba, Wathanail


"Serene and lonely place between river and sea."

B.N Ramegowda,
   DC of GST, Mangalore


"Probably the only place I know of which has the serene beauty of both the backwaters and sea shore. A great place to relax, rejuvenate from the hectic city life. I will probably visit again and again . Sea food is awesome and also the crab hunting and the leisurely cycle ride around the island."

Manish, Udipi


"We have had a lovely relaxing stay here. What a beautiful place. The bikes were fantastic. Great beach, situation, wonderful food and VJay has been an incredibly attentive host."

Jennie & Fiona, UK and France


"A Visual treat. You are the only person standing on a small stretch of land between scenic backwaters and awesome beach where extras include canoeing, ferry rides,fishing, bathing in the waves, biking on the lonely roads and the uncomplainable experience of mother nature,,,,,, Simply Speechless !!! "

Nicolai and Cholette from Denmark.


"Fantastic Place, good service & maximum support from the whole staff. Will visit again soon."

Laure, France


"Great place to stay if you are looking for off beat locations tucked
Away from all the maddening crowd. The hospitality was good as well.
Considering the remoteness of the location the service that we required is highly appreciable. We will be back to this place often. Truly rejuvenating !!"

Prajwal, Bangalore


"An excellent escape to one of the cleanest beaches in Kerala. This was just excellent. A narrow island strip with backwaters behind and sea in the front. More like a mini resort/farm house. If anyone is a DIY person like me,  he is surely going to enjoy the stay. The staff is welcoming and very helpful. Few calls from the POC before going helped us enjoy things like barbecue and bon fire. This is as close you can get to nature by the beachside .I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to spend some quality secluded time off from work and buzz. Planning to visit once more pretty soon."

Digant, Bangalore


"Love the place. We will come here again."

    Std – 1,


"The beach is so close that it is almost like staying on the beach and even the backwaters.The sea view is awesome from the dining hall.. ​​Thanks to all of you."

Rosali,Saurav,Tweety,Digjanth and Ritu.Bangalore


"What a wonderful experience. Vijay is the perfect for guest host, very helpful and a true friend. Beautiful location. The food is traditional cuisine, Lots of wildlife foxes, fish, eagles, kingfishers etc. Look forward to coming back. Gowri is a fantastic cook, want to take her home, This is our second visit. A little bit of our hearts is left here. Hope you enjoy as much as we have."

Nick and Rosemary,UK.


Namaste !
"What a wonderful, chilled out place !!
We enjoyed every second. Raju, Gowri and Vijay were just being
perfect hosts, helpful and assured that our needs were catered for. Food was super delicious
and we could just easily stay for a month
Thank you very much
All the best for you all!"

Maroha Elizabeth,Germany +Australia


"Wonderful Place, Wonderful people, service and food. Mornings before sunrise on the backwaters. Biking, swimming, canoeing, ferry boating and discovering other islands too. What a wonderful spot on this earth to rediscover timelessness. Thank you so much!!!"

Keith Cooper,Berlin,Germany.


"Great Place and Perfect Hosts."

Bhai Boy's,Mysore


"Thank you for a pleasant 3 day stay at your lovely place softening in the hammock with the sound of the waves and a nice wind, the views at water on both sides, the swimming in the sea-all beautiful and agreeable!!!!"

Leena and Fritz, Switzerland.


We have spent one month on Kerala and this is MOST BEAUTIFUL +
    Swim in the Sea
    Walk along the beach
    Enjoy the food
    Take a sunrise boat trip
    Enjoy Bicycling left or right or
    Bicycle to Monkey Forest over the bridge
    Read & Meditate
    Rejuvenate !

Edward & Victoria Eden, United Kingdom


"Fantastic place, good service and maximum support from the staff. Will surely visit again."

Lacy Cole,Australia


"A hidden gem in North Kerala.This homestay offers a panoramic view of the backwaters and with a private access to a long stretch of white sand and blue ocean.It has basic accommodation facilities but offers top of the world experience.All stars for location!!!"

Gururaj, Gulbarga


"It was a great time, so peaceful and exciting everyday to be so close to the beach and the backwaters. Would love to come back again."



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