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Between the long stretch of white sands and the seamlessly flowing Kavvayi backwater is a retreat that mesmerises no end.
A protected land (thankfully), the hinterland has only a few inhabitants on the stretch towards Valiyaparamba Village. There is no  hustle-bustle lifestyle, shady  shacks, malls or superstores.  No fancy restaurants, billboards shouting-out-loud, or ice cream parlours along the stretch. However, you might find a lemonade cart, a fresh fruit juice stall (on a sunny day) a convenience store (that opens and closes early) just around the corner.  There's no hurry to cross the road, or be worried about avoiding the rickshaws chasing you. The place lazes. Yet, is brimming with activity; if you take a second look, if you look deeper, random moments of awe unfold around you - in the trees, the water, in the air.
Time passes by, without haggling you for attention.

Some places can bridge the gap between imagination and reality, euphoria and calm.

Valiyaparamba Retreat, or V Retreat (in short) can do that with ease.


The Retreat resides at the most beautiful spot on the island from where you can see the best of both worlds in one glimpse.

Probably why, it finds a mention in the ‘Lonely Planet’ – the travellers’ ultimate guidebook.

Spread on a half -acre land in Valiyaparamba Village in Payyanur - North Kerala, V Retreat offers basic accommodation facilities with enough space and freedom. An open area within the property that gives you privacy and security.

  • A Gazebo / dinning area overlooking the beach and the river.

  • A private access to the long stretch of the beach.

  • Chill-out zones

  • Bicycles for ride

  • Campfire area

  • Sit-outs

  • Board games



        V Retreat accommodates at its full capacity - a large family or a team of  8 -10 members. It offers basic facilities and has 3 double bedrooms with attached bathrooms.

The place has a spacious, scenic dining terrace area, relaxation spots, scenic zones, recreational facilities, private access to the beach and a place to gather and celebrate your moments.


A local chef with mastery in traditional Kerala cuisines, South Indian specialities and seafood will titillate your taste buds with delicious and healthy food.

To recreate an ambience that makes you feel very much at home.

There’s so much more to write and describe about the place and that wouldn’t suffice. The place offers soul-stirring experiences unique to the ones who visit and stay at

V Retreat.

Gazebo at V Retreat
vretreat (20).JPG



Travellers across the world set out on journeys, across landscapes, to unexplored locations, to places that brings them visual delight, closer to nature, and helps them explore different culture, lifestyle, and more. And when they find a place that leaves them speechless, they spread the word to like-minded travellers.  'Lonely Planet' found us as the ideal pit-stop for people exploring Valiyaparamba in North Kerala. We consider this a privilege and strive to alleviate the experience, in every possible way .

V Retreat in lonely planet




                  Kerala is endowed with art and culture in abundance. Each region of the State has its own distinctive art form.

North Kerala is renowned for Thiyyam – an ancient performing dance that’s colourful, enthralling and visually captivating. The art form celebrates and worships heroes and ancestral spirits. Theyyam is also known as Kaliyattan, mainly in Kolathunaddu. It incorporates dance, mime, music and enshrines the rudiments of ancient tribal cultures which attached great importance to the worship of heroes and the spirits of ancestors.

  Perumkaliyattam(Grand Theyyam Festival) season arrives in Malabar. This ritual is not only an art form to the people of Malabar but a culture in itself. The festival which proclaims the religious harmony is believed to bring prosperous and good luck to the people. Every village in North Kerala was bound to perform Theyyamin connection with the local shrine (Kavu). It is performed before the shrine. This sacred dance is beloved to bring about the well-being of the family and society.

Valiyaparamba beach
Lonley planet
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