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Valiyaparamba Village
Valiyaparamba village

Calm, unperturbed by the the progress of the civilized world, life here moves at its own pace. Residents are mostly the fishermen community settled since ages, new inhabitants who have worked in the Navy, and excise.

A few homestays that line up on the strip of land. Incidentally, V Retreat is the only one that's closest to the river and the sea. With a private access to the neverending stretch of the beach. In fact, you can catch a glimpse of both landscapes sitting at the retreat itself, from the newly constructed gazebo or the dining area.

The Perumkaliyattam at Pilikode

The Perumkaliyattam at Pilikode (12th to 17th Jan 2018)

North Kerala is renowned for Theyyam – an ancient performing dance that’s colourful, enthralling and visually captivating. The art form celebrates and worships heroes and ancestral spirits. Theyyam is also known as Kaliyattan, mainly in Kolathunaddu. Theyyam incorporates dance, mime, music and enshrines the rudiments of ancient tribal cultures which attached great importance to the worship of heroes and the spirits of ancestors.


Perumkaliyattam(Grand Theyyam Festival) season arrives in Malabar. This ritual is not only an art form to the people of Malabar but a culture in itself. The festival which proclaims the religious harmony is believed to bring prosperous and good luck to the people. Every village in North Kerala was bound to perform Theyyamin connection with the local shrine (Kavu). It is performed before the shrine. This sacred dance is beloved to bring about the well-being of the family and society.

The performance
Goddess Chamundi
The high energy beat
Theyyam artisit
Performing at the temple
The dress
Local cuisines made with love

There's something unique about local food that makes you go ga ga (if you are a food lover, that is).

It allows you to explore local food types and flavours to satiate your gastronomic juices. Right from healthy veggies to the delicious finger licking chicken or fish specialities.

Watch Sunrise & Sunset from one place.

The sun rises at the Kavvayi backwaters from the distant islands and crosses over gallantly through the day shining bright and glowing along to set across the Arabian sea. 

A beautiful sight to witness and experience a day of significance at V Retreat.

The Naval Academy

Indian Naval Academy (INA), Ezhimala is surrounded by mount Dilli, is about 19 kms from the retreat and can be reached by private transport. INA organises regular activities and host major events. The entry is highly restricted and subject to a few particular events and occasions when the public are allowed.

Passing out Parade
Every year, cadets graduating to the next level and passing out from the academy assemble along with their proud parents and guardians. And V Retreat serves such proud citizens and accommodates them wholeheartedly. 

The recently built Barbeque Pit built near the sea helps you to cherish vegetarian and non vegetarian meats on the barbeque grill and enjoy  a fulfilling evening with your dear and loved ones. Inform our Manager and we will marinate the meat and vegetables to your liking.

Enjoy Barbeque at our place
Boat Jetty in front of Vretreat

We have built a boat jetty at the backwaters which will facilitate boats and Houseboats to dock in front of our property. Any guest wanting to use the boats or the house boat may please contact the manager. All those who love fishing can fish at the boat jetty side.

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