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So much to do, so little time. Yet, there are a few things that can't be missed while you're here. And we've planned, connected and networked to arrange and schedule it for you. Choose from a mix of nature, culture and arts.  Activities that makes your stay that much more worthwhile. Here's a little peek of what awaits you and how enjoyable your time and moments could get..

When you're done soaking in the pristine surroundings and visual delight, get going on some great adventure.

Here's what awaits…


Sunrise at the backwaters
Beautiful sunrise that makes your day! Go on a three seater canoe ride with a boatman to take you around. It's the ideal way to see the sunrise from the backwaters.
Yoga on beach
Learn yoga postures and relaxation techniques from yoga master Vijayan. Relax and Meditate at the Gazebo and feel better.
Pedal your way into the alleys, the mud roads, and explore the rustic, peaceful life around. Stop by, start a conversation and know more on your own. Discover new routes, shop for artifacts, see life in a different perspective.
Crab it up!
Get ready for some sword fencing when you go crab hunting, Catch live crabs as the night sets in, around 8 pm on the sea shore, and once you've got your prized catch by the claws, get to taste them and savour them as from the lip-smacking recipes that are available. Grub a crab!
At the beach!
Just a few steps to the beach, however it is not ideal for swimming as the water is deep and the currents are strong. Usually, there are crabs that hang around too. So watch out!
Laze around
When you just want to settle down and sink in the the environs and the throbbing sounds of the sea, the hammock is a ideal one.
10 Steps away!
Just go and hang around the backwaters and find your zone. There are many idyllic spots along the road to settle down at.
Boards games & recreation
It's the best way to spend some quality time whenever you want to. Bring on your best and play chess, carrom, cards, etc.
Open area
There's enough open area outside the rooms for children to play. We have planted a few shrubs and flowering plants around.
Go Fishing
Hook, line and sinker - defines a good day when you have the sea on one side and a river on the other. A good catch makes your day.
A fresh breath around
The air feels fresh and you can walk around the upcoming garden where bumble bees, butterflies come looking eagerly.
Refreshing time!
Grab a cuppa and settle down at the gazebo, the beach or on the hammock.
Watch guests arrive
Feathered guest come visiting to the backwaters, beach and the retreat, just keep your eyes, ears open. And when you can click and capture them.
Stretch yourself!
There are a few places you can stretch or exercise at the retreat peacefully.
Setttle down
Take the vantage position and watch the world go by. Feel like a bird.
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Beach Walk
A long long walk can take you to the Valiyaparamba beach and the Pulimooth point where the river meets the sea. You can also do it by road to reach.
Houseboat - 8 hrs
When you feel like spending a long time on the water and discovering a wider landscape, it's good to get on to Houseboats that can be booked in advance.
Theyyam Dance
The ancient performing art & dance form is a ritual followed across temples in North Kerala during December to January.
Ayurvedic treatment and massage c
It's the ideal place to relax and to top it up you can go ahead and pamper yourself at the nearby massage centers.
Island visit
There are many little islands around (including the money island) to visit and explore in the ferry.
Many spots line up along the backwaters that offer you a perfect perch to await visitors from nearby places. Keep your cameras ready and shoot them at will.
Take the ferry!
The most simplest and affordable way to enjoy and cover the backwaters stretch. A three hour ride on the ferry costs 15 bucks.
Untold stories!
A visit around the village lets you see things and discover interesting things that can inspire you to pen your own stories. Fiction over facts.
Pulimooth point
The river finally meets the sea. A nice viewpoint from where you can watch the sunset and spend a nice evening.
A bridge to nowhere...
An easy walk or going on the bicycle can take you across around the island, types of bridges that connect to the mainland.
Young lads play ball
Local lads play football on the beach every evening, join them for a game if they deem you fit.
Bekal fort
One of the most spectacular forts in South India at a vantage point, Bekal fort is also among the well preserved and scenic one. It's about 35kms away from the retreat.
Bekal Beach
After a visit to the Bekal fort, you can move on to the beach which is nearby and spend some time around.
Krishna Temple
A few temples are well-know in this part of the region. Krishna temple is one of them where devotees visit before they visit the Rajarajeshwara Temple.
Rajarajeswara Temple
A few temples are well-know in this part of the region. The most significant and powerful being the Raja Rajeshwara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.
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