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Two different worlds, of beauty and yonder, of verdancy and subtlety. White sands beckon the blue-grey water on one side, and a leisurely flowing river of amber on the other.

Branching out of the coastal mainland, a thin stretch of land, houses a secluded retreat, a sanctuary. To the explorer. To the ones who tread distances in search of sanity. Ones who saunter, despise agenda, eschew populous holiday destinations.

Those who explore, escape, take a sabbatical, to find self, to rejoice, to celebrate, to seek absolute 'nothingness' 

And when inspiration drops anchor, pen thoughts, read a long-pending-book, whistle a tune, capture random  snapshots, go fishing, revive your interest in Ornithology, gaze at the starlit sky, listen to the conversations between the sea, wind, trees, the backwater, just stare into the oblivion.